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Digital Strategy has become a headline & catch phrase recently -  used widely & often quite loosely.  The "WHAT" of digital strategy is well defined, and covers several key categories:  Commerce, Mobile, Social, Application Services, User Experience Data & Analytics.   These groupings mean different things to different organizations, dependent on their industry, mindset & culture, business model and level of digital maturity.  

The key to Digital success is understanding "HOW": How to facilitate a unified digital vision, bring people on the journey, get them all on the same page and collaborating successfully together.   How to know which problems to solve, develop a winning strategy applicable to the organization, How to see the strategy through to execution in order to realize customer and business value.  

How do companies plan for digital disruption, & deliver big changes to the way they do business, to their service offerings and their business capability- people as well as technology?  

How do they deal with the inevitable organizational barriers that are raised in response to change?




WE focus on helping you navigate the  "HOW " using a human centric & customer-led approach, uncovering and solving pain-points,  discovering desirable opportunities, and delivering  researched proven and tested Digital Business, Customer, Marketing & Service Strategies.

We specialize in helping you to transform your businesses:

  • Optimize channels for user & customer experience
  • Work with you to translate your Digital strategy into the delivery of feasible, viable products & services
  • Create engaging marketing communications across channels; and enable flexible, innovative organizational capability.

We help small, medium & large organisations across a wide range of industries.


Digital Strategy Deep Dive & Report (1 month)  

A consultancy package with the objective of uncovering solutions to problems and/or uncovering new product or service opportunities that have the potential to deliver optimal customer acquisition, conversion, and retention results.

The  following activities are undertaken to provide you with an in-depth report and actionable strategy plan.

  • Business situation (problems, goals, objectives, industry)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Problem/opportunity definition
  • Research:  Trends & Case Studies
  • User/Customer experience journeys
  • Proposed Prototypes & testing
  • Channel strategy
  • Potential ROI & Risk analysis
  • Project Plan Recommendations:  Plan, timelines, resourcing plan, technology &  partners, budget, guidelines
  • Digital Strategy Project (POA)

Digital Strategy Service 

Engage a digital strategist by a daily basis, or on a monthly retainer:

  • Expert review or to help you work on your plan, facilitate workshops, make recommendations, and provide feedback. 
  • Assess your Digital business maturity and capabilities across the areas of Digital Marketing: Commerce (e-commerce, m-commerce & social commerce), Social Media & Mobile adoption, Collaboration, Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management and Analytics.
  • Identify misalignment and gaps between your strategy and current state, and address key opportunities to improve Digital business capabilities and results.
  • Strategy services for digital & mobile; enterprise transformation; customer & user experience;  commerce; service enablement; digital centre of excellence;  product development;  portals, content and collaboration tools;  and big data - integration, identity management, personalization & relevance

We can also explore, design and deliver the services below on a project basis, working flexibly with your internal teams, your partners, or with our partners

Services Project (POA)